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An introduction to the enemy / Jane Fonda

Published 1974

Jane Fonda of the Indochina Peace Campaign talks with Paul McIsaac about Haskell Wexler's Introduction to the Enemy, a film she co-produced with Tom Hayden about North Vietnam. Fonda discusses why she set out to make the film and the film's "gentle" approach to the issues it portrays. Fonda talks about the ramifications of the implementation of the Paris Peace Accords for both North and South Vietnam. They discuss Fonda and Hayden's easy passage between North and South Vietnam and meeting Fonda's Vietnamese counterpart. They also talk about child-rearing practices and collective interdependence in North Vietnam. Fonda and McIsaac take phone calls at the end (phone calls edited out).

First nine minutes contains audio from the film(?).

Source WBAI
Contributor Pacifica Radio Archives


PRA Archive #BC2167


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